Bongo and Brandy, Cape Cod

Bongo and Twit play the Sands

Deri Air Passenger Safety Card

Deri Air Spacegirl Wanda Lust and Simba, vacation 1956

Deri Air Spacenauts Wanda Lust and Willy Makitt do the first moon based Bossa Nova, Fall 1957

T.W.I.T.* meets Hollywood starlet Brandy De Cantor, Lew's private Caribbean island 'Shaykure Buti', 1954

*Thing with interesting tentacles

Deri Air Painting Series 2: Lew breaks the land speed record, Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah 1959

Deri Air Magazine Ads circa 1959

Deri Air Stewardesses Shelly Beech and Polly Ester

Deri Air Owner Lew Deri-Marks and sixth wife
Ivana Caesar MoneƩ

Antonio Jobim - Insensatez (from Fly Groove Vol4)

Deri Air Stewardesses Isabella Ringing and Roxanne Pebbles

Deri Air Pilot Capt. Turner O'Verr and Betty Will


Fly Groove Volume 3

Fly Groove Volume 2

Bongo & Twit's Fly Groove Vol 1

Wanda & Simba's Songs for Aeronautically Inclined Lovers

Fly Groove Christmas